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MBPKG-D Deluxe Maxa Beam Package


MBPKG-D Deluxe Maxa Beam Package

The Maxa Beam Searchlight is a lightweight, high-intensity illumination system with an unparalleled output of 12,000,000 Peak Beam CandlePower.  The Maxa Beam has  a motorized beam width adjustment, meaning that the user can vary the beam from a 1° spot to a 40° flood with the hand that holds the light.

The Maxa Beam Deluxe Package features two Nicad Battery packs and a Multi-Voltage Quick Charger.  The system also includes an 850nm Infrared Filter for covert operations.

The Maxa Beam Searchlight is the most powerful and most effective handheld bright light available for search and rescue, surveillance, perimeter security, and non-lethal escalation of force operations.  The Maxa Beam Searchlight has been battle-tested by the United States Armed Forces and numerous government agencies for over twenty years.



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