Continual Evolution

Norotos, is dedicated to the continual evolution of advanced engineering and precision manufacturing of night vision mounting solutions for military and commercial application. For over twenty years Norotos has designed and manufactured the highest quality night vision mounting systems on the market in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Committed to Anti-Wobble Optimization

Committed to continuous advancement of product development providing for the ever-changing night vision demands of our military, Norotos places a firm devotion to workmanship, credibility, and passion. A steadfast allegiance to our core values guide our every operation—from quality precision manufacturing to harmonious research and design.

A firm dedication to Anti-Wobble Optimization provides one of the foundational values for Norotos’
design and manufacture of night vision helmet mounts, shrouds, and accessories. Anti-Wobble Optimization ensures persistent field use, restraining wobble induced eye-fatigue. Ergonomic enhancements intensify our commitment to extending field use longevity through user-friendly—intuitively placed adjustment and release controls.

With comprehensive engineering and manufacturing experience, Norotos has the knowledge base for achieving continual evolution of products through purposeful, application-based enhancement. Versatile and adaptable are not only characteristics of many Norotos night vision helmet mounts, but our faithfulness and ability to deliver products in accordance with our soldiers’ needs

Products to explore. . .


Engineered to set the standard as the most lightweight and compact helmet mount solution available in the marketplace—the Lo-Sto, Push Button delivers the ultimate in Anti-Wobble high-performance weighing only 4.8 oz. (136 grams) while projecting a mere 2.35” when folded. The Lo-Sto renders asunder other night vision helmet mounts in delivering the pinnacle of stability, adaptability, and extended field longevity in keeping with the Norotos’ commitment to continuous improvement and constant evolution in product development. PN 1960010

The Lo-Sto helmet mount is shown here with the pinnacle of Anti-Wobble stability and high performance durability Universal Shroud creates a harmonious self-stabilizing compression effect preventing fatigue while preserving durable longevity across many helmet brands (MICH, PASGT, etc). PN 1817010


Enter a realm of uncompromised adaptability with the AKA II HYPER and Universal Shroud Combo Kit. Enhancing stability with each step that gives you a mount capable of rapid transition from HORN and DOVETAIL style NVGs with Norotos’ Quick Change Sockets.

With top and mid-stowing options, the AKA II product line enhances stability and overall helmet mount steadfastness. Its HYPER designation embraces new features that continue Norotos’ commitment for continual evolution of the possible, including Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable and Break Away Button.

The AKA II HYPER and Universal Shroud offer uncompromising performance and enhanced adaptability, who like you persevere in the most demanding field conditions, ensuring your NVG helmet mounting is just as ready for peak performance as you are. PN 1941010


Take your night vision mounting system to a new level with the INVG HYPER and Universal Shroud combo kit. Accelerating Anti-Wobble stability with the ultimate in flexible helmet mount stowage keeps you safe and ready for the most rugged field conditions.

When the situation demands greater versatility than top or mid stowing helmet mounts, the INVG product line of Norotos mounts is the standard for adaptive stowage. 360-degree Force-to-Overcome rotation ensures task specific operations remain safe and uncompromised, at least as far as your night vision mounting is concerned!

Forged with aerospace quality materials the Universal Shroud provides reliable stability while reducing possible snag hazards with its contouring shape. The INVG and Universal Shroud combo kit provides comprehensive mounting ideal for task specific operations calling for exceptional versatility. PN 1921010


Combining the rugged adaptability of the AKA II Helmet Mount with the unwavering stability of the Universal Shroud creates a complete night vision mounting apparatus with staunch reliability and field longevity. Joining with the Universal Shroud offers the AKA II’s most pronounced performance capacity—extending its already heightened Anti-Wobble penchant to exhilarating heights.

The AKA II maximizes potential adaptability through available dual Anti-Wobble Quick Change Adapters allowing rapid conversion between HORN and DOVETAIL NVGs, while maintaining peak strength and enduring readiness. Preserving comfortable wear through Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment, the AKA II remains steadfast through high-velocity situations with Push Button Deploy/Stow Release that ensures smooth and quiet deployment of NVGs.

Representing the apogee of Anti-Wobble stability in a night vision helmet shroud solution, the Universal Shroud maintains premier persistence through rigorous field demands while compatible with nearly all three-hole, one-hole, or no-hole helmets with optional Strap Assembly. Harmoniously designed with extensive engineering experience and delivered through quality precision manufacturing to present a shroud with superior tolerance control, and enhanced impact resistance. PN 1841010

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